Toonami Lives: Samurai Jack Returns

[Featured Story] Samurai Jack Returns

There was a time when I was a huge fan of Toonami, and I was quite sad to see it go. When it returned, I was excited, but I quickly saw a new death on the horizon. Without new content, there was little point to watch Toonami. Things aren’t like they used to be. We […]


[Campaign Review] MST3K Reboot

[Featured Campaign] MST3K Reboot

I probably should have gotten around to writing a campaign review for MST3K earlier, but I honestly needed to give more attention to smaller campaigns, that while interesting, were not as sure to be successful. With those campaigns finished, I can finally discussion MST3K’s reboot campaign, with almost two weeks remaining.


[Campaign Review] 321: Fast Comics Vol. 2

321 Fast Comics

321 Fast Comics is a project which being produced by Felipe Cagno. The idea behind the book is simple. It’s a graphic novel anthology where every story follows a basic pattern: 3 pages, two characters, 1 twist ending. Aside from that, pretty much everything goes. Some of the stories are less safe for work than […]


Forgotten Colors and Other Illustrated Stories

Forgotten colors is a graphic novel anthology, illustrated by David G. Forés, along with various collaborating artists, and written by Silvia G. Guirado. According to the preface, Silvia was asked to write the stories, based off of images on t-shirts that the company had designed. While taking a single image and turning it into a […]